2018 in Review

Our goal in 2018 was to keep you in the loop on this page of what was happening with our "Going Further" initiative.  If you take a peek you will see that we have 2 blog posts for the entire year of 2018.  I am embarrased to point that out.  If you are however following us on other channels (instagram, facebook or subscribed to our email list) then you have some clue as to what we have been doing with a portion of every order.  I thought I would lay out some of the things that your orders have freed us up to do through this push we made in 2018.  There were three things that I felt compelled to give to in the past year.  

First, we wanted to help support our friends the Pettit's (last blog post) in the final stages of their adoption.  We really admire their heart and wanted to help them make the final push to bring both of their boys home.  Update: the Pettits brought their two boys home earlier this year and are now a family of 7.

Secondly, your orders helped send me to India for a trip with my Church to serve the locals there.  In India we had the opportunity to work in two schools teaching English, Art, Music and proper dental hygiene.   

Third, because of your generosity we were able to give gifts for Christmas to a local Womens ESL program in Detroit.  If you follow us on social media, you could see that we made an amazon list of some necessities and a list of toys to surprise these low income families with.  We were blown away at the outpouring of gifts and money you were willing to donate to this cause.  We also gave a portion of every order to help give these women and their families a Merry Christmas.

From the deepest part of my heart, Thank you!  I am so thankful for every order I receive because each order allows me to give to something I care deeply about.  I will continue to pray for eyes to see needs in the community around me and would love to hear stories about you doing the same. 

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