What does it mean?

Every Purchase Goes Further // Cultivating a community of circle influencers.

But what does this mean?  

We want to make an impact in the world and we know you do to.  We like to think of impact in terms of a ripple effect in a puddle during a rain storm.  Each drop that hits the water creates the largest ripple closest to itself.  Such is true in life, If we can effect change and influence our closest circle then we can expect that it will cause a ripple effect of positive change. 

There are needs around us everywhere.  At The Little Design Co. we see them and we are challenged to act.  We will be giving 10% of all proceeds to the needs that we see in our immediate circle.  We are specifically compelled to give to families that are going beyond themselves in areas of adoption, fostering, and helping others in difficult situations.  Not only will we be giving financially, we also plan to give of our time and efforts.  When appropriate, we will be excited to share these stories with you. 

Our goal is to create transparency in our giving and to cultivate a community of circle influencers. We desire to share stories that inspire and motivate movement towards change.  This is why you will continue to hear us invite you into the mission to be an influence in your own circle and to share your stories with us so that we can go further together. 

How does all of this connect to your product?  Because the majority of our products are for little people, our goal is to help them to become circle influencers.  In every package there will be a little gift with a message of love.  This is yours or your childs to gift to whomever you feel could use it.  We want to create a generation of givers and what better way then to equip them with something to give away.   Lastly, my hope is that when your child wears our product you will be reminded of the beautiful responsibility we have in raising these little people.  They are our closest circle.  Do you see the ripple effect?  

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