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Creative space// Heart Hair Clips

 Happy (almost) Valentine's Day I thought the timing was just right to give you guys a quick tutorial on how to make a heart hair clip for you little one or perhaps for yourself.    You can find all of the supplies needed for this tutorial at any local craft store.  First download and print the heart template.  Tools Pen Scissors  Hot Glue Gun   Materials  Felt or vinyl  Alligator clip Ribbon                

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The Pettit Family

Meet the Pettit Family.  I know Sarah from our years in college.  Since graduation I have been able to see her darling family grow.  And most recently I have loved watching their journey through adoption. Thank you social media. One of the things I find most profound about their journey is the expanding of their hearts in the process.     Sarah Pettit:  "My husband Ryan and I have 3 biological children and are currently in the process of adding two boys from Uganda to our family. We always wanted to adopt but when we had our 3 in 2 1/2 years, that was put on hold. When our youngest turned 3, we decided to start the process. It has been a journey. The law...

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What does it mean?

Every Purchase Goes Further // Cultivating a community of circle influencers. But what does this mean?   We want to make an impact in the world and we know you do to.  We like to think of impact in terms of a ripple effect in a puddle during a rain storm.  Each drop that hits the water creates the largest ripple closest to itself.  Such is true in life, If we can effect change and influence our closest circle then we can expect that it will cause a ripple effect of positive change.  There are needs around us everywhere.  At The Little Design Co. we see them and we are challenged to act.  We will be giving 10% of all proceeds to the needs that we see in our immediate circle. ...

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